Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 181 the Fairy Someone Loved

Alfred pushed Lottie's luggage out of the house and headed in the direction the landlord had pointed to.

Lottie had no choice but to follow him silently.

"Damn it."

In the car outside the house, Sean watched in shock as Lottie followed Alfred into the house. "Sir, this..."

Ralph frowned as he looked in the direction where Lottie and Alfred had left. His brows furrowed again.

Everyone in the crew lived in the house, except for them. They went to a shabby house.

It was self-evident what it meant.

Blue veins stood out on his temples. "Go and find the landlord."

"I also want to live in that small house."

Sean paused and glanced at the small broken house. "Sir, you don't need to..."

"That house is too shabby. You are distinguished..."

Before he could finish his words, Ralph stared at him.

Sean immediately shut up. "Get it!"

Ten minutes later, Sean rushed back to the car and said, "The landlord said that one more person can live there!"

"I've also made it clear."

While drinking water, Sean took a deep breath and explained to Ralph, "There are two more people in the crew than the scheduled rooms. No actor is willing to live in the shabby house."

"Maybe Ms. Chapman was in a bad mood because of the news last night so that she proposed to live outside and Alfred followed!"

After saying that, Sean carefully looked at Ralph from the rearview mirror. "Sir, you should believe that Ms. Chapman has nothing to do with Mr. Barton!"

Ralph glanced at him and said, "Do I need your explanation?"

Would he not understand his wife?

She was just angry with him.

"Alfred moved into another shabby house at the opposite side against Ms. Champers’. But the landlord said that you can live next door to her."

"As a neighbor, you are only separated by a wall, but Alfred, who lives opposite is separated by a corridor. You are closer than him!"

Ralph nodded lightly and elegantly took the key from Sean. "Let's go."

His attitude was cold and indifferent, while his anxiety when he walked to the house showed that he was in a hurry.