Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 176 Lottie's Daughter

Alice was stunned.

Her voice trembled when she heard that. "Yank, what... what are you talking about?"


Yank frowned and glared at her. "Do you really think Yelly's death was an accident?"

"No matter how tight-lipped she is, Ralph can make her speak!"

Alice suddenly took a step back. "So Yelly's death..."

"I did it."

Yank glanced coldly at Alice. "How many times have I told you not to interfere in the affairs between Ralph and Lottie?"

"I did think to make you and Ralph a couple. But after so many years, you should know that it's impossible!"

"Have you forgotten what you did back then?"

"You almost killed them all!"

"You mentioned Yumi again and again in front of Lottie. Do you want her to find out that she is Yumi herself?"


Yank looked at Alice wearily. "Do you think that I'm too free now and deliberately give me a hard time?"

Alice bit her lip and lowered her head. "I..."

"I just can't stand that Lottie has always been with Ralph, and that Ralph has always loved her so much..."

Yank gave a wry smile. "What if I don't like you loving Ralph?"

"Should I learn from you to take you back by force?"

Alice was stunned.

She raised her head and was about to say something.

After a long while, she braced herself and said, "Yank... you are more than ten years older than me."

"You and my father are comrades-in-arms."

"I have always... regarded you as my elder brother."

The woman's words made Yank unconsciously forced a smile. "I was just joking with you."

"I can protect you this time, but not every time."