Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 165 Wasn't It All Because You Were Unworried?

"So Mommy, do you want to plan with us and let aunt White tell us where our biological mommy is?"

In the small rooms, Elijah Chapman put down his book and looked at Lottie Green seriously.

Lottie Green nodded seriously. She, an adult, looked a little funny sitting in the study of the two little guys, but she couldn't care too much.

Yesterday in the building of the Chapman Group, Ralph Chapman denied her proposal.

"I don't care what difficulties Yumi has. She didn't come to visit the children because she didn't want to have anything to do with us. Why must found her?"

"Maybe she has changed her name and has a new life and a new child."

"We don't need to disturb each other."

"I won't look for her, neither will you."

Ralph Chapman's words from yesterday rang in her ears.

The woman sighed and hugged the soft cartoon pillow on the ground. "I know it's a little difficult."


She could not control herself.

She didn't sleep well last night and kept thinking about Yumi.

She even began to think that Yumi's time of pregnancy was very similar to hers.

Could she have known Yumi before?

Otherwise, why would she care so much about a woman who had nothing to do with her?

Perhaps, Yumi had met her in the delivery room.

Perhaps, she and Yumi used to be good friends.

What if Yumi had something to do with her memory loss?

So early in the morning, she went back to her and Arthur Bell's house in the slums together and found many test sheets for her pregnancy.

Then she returned to the villa and let Elijah Chapman entered the hospital's system. She found Yumi's medical record.

As a result, Lottie Green was dumbfounded.

She and Yumi seemed to really know each other.

That was because they were both going to the same hospital for the examination and production. They were both going to see the same doctor.