Spoiled By My Bossy CEO Husband

Chapter 158 Isn't His Love Obvious Enough?

Suddenly, Lottie fell into a familiar arm.

She smiled, "It's a good dream."

She must be dreaming.

If it was not a dream, why would Ralph be here and hug her?

He should be busy with his work now.

He should be missing Yumi.

It was impossible for him to come here to find her.

Ralph sighed.

He glanced at everyone and said, "My wife is drunk."

"I take her home first."

After saying, he held Lottie. Just as he was about to leave, an arm blocked his way.

It was Alfred.

He leaned against the door and said, "Mr. Chapman, you can't take Lottie away."

"What's wrong?"

Ralph stared at Alfred, "It doesn't need your permission to take my wife home, right?"

"If you don't quarrel with Lottie, you don’t need my permission."

Alfred picked up the wine and took a sip. He said, "But now your relationship is not good."

"Lottie is drunk. If I allow you to take her away, I'm afraid that she will be angry with me when she wakes up."

Alfred deliberately said that he was intimate to Lottie.

In fact, Lottie did not tell Alfred that she quarreled with Ralph, and she would also not be angry with him.

Ralph smiled, "Well?"

"Why don't I know that I have a quarrel with my wife?"

Ralph and Alfred were both powerful.

The atmosphere was tense.

Lorry said, "Alfred."