Spoil My Lovely Wife

Chapter 31 We Connected

Jessica was clenching her fists which were a bit trembling.

She looking up at the hospital in front of her, and she didn’t expect that she would be back to here after a few days.

But, it was Louis who was in hospital.

Jessica didn’t know anything that happened to her since she had a high fever last night.

Her heart ached when she heard what those medias were gossiping.

No wonder Joyce would come to the Carters Group mansion and slapped her, Joyce must mistake her as the girl in Louis’s car last night.

Jessica took a deep breath and walked inside the hospital.

The house of the Carters was already in a mess.

Benjamin’s blood pressure was greatly elevated when he was informed that Louis had a car accident.

And now he had to stay in bed.

Shirley was suddenly in a horror and she seemed to be ten years older overnight.

She was throwing herself down on Benjamin’s bed and she tried her best to hold back her tears and then said gently, “Benjamin, Don’t worry, Johnny has already gone to the hospital. Louis will be fine, and you need to take care! Don’t worry too much and take it easy, OK?”

Benjamin whose hair was all grey lying on the bed sighed, and he held Shirley’s hands firmly, “Shirley, I am getting older and older. But I am so lucky to have you and you always support me, thank you…”

“What are you talking about? You don’t need to thank me.” Shirley choked with sob and chimed, “Benjamin, I know Louis is the son you love the most…”

Benjamin nodded his head and said, “and he is always the one who is against me and makes me worry about him the most.”

“You are just too strict to him. You always put lots of pressure on him since he was a kid and you force him to do anything you want. Now, he is more excellent than you as you said, but he isn’t willing to listen to you.”

Benjamin sighed, “I have three kids. The oldest one is too weak and he has no guts; the youngest is too careless and casual, and he is just like a kid and all he wants is to hook up girls…”

When Shirley heard what he commented on the youngest son, her hands couldn’t help trembling.

Benjamin patted on her arms and comforted her and chimed, “Shirley, I know you gave birth to Johnny, and I know that you don’t want to be strict with him. But Louis is the best among them three. But it’s a pity that Louis is just so assertive and stubborn that even I fail to control him.”

“Benjamin, are you still going to ask Louis marry Joyce?”

Speaking of marriage between the Carter and the Davis, Benjamin’s face sunken, “The Davis helped me at that time, and Joyce fell head over heal for Louis. Since Joyce tried to commit a suicide last time, I always feel that we are so sorry for her. So, how could I turn down their marriage?”

“But, I am afraid that Louis would reject it. You know that he sees marriage as a very important decision. Even that year, you forced him that only he gets married and gives birth to baby can he be the successor of the Carters Group. But he is willing to just have a baby with some other woman than gets married to someone he doesn’t love.” Shirley sighed when she was thinking of the past.