Chapter 434 The Mysterious Man Arnaldo shook his head and sighed. “Reina, Donald is dead. It is time for you to move on.” Reina’s face paled as she shot up from her seat. “No. He is definitely not dead!” Arnaldo let out another sigh. “Reina, I might need to head back to Terrandya.” Noticing that his daughter did not give him any response, Arnaldo continued, “Silas and Francesco have worked together to divide the resources in Pollerton. The whole reclamation area, save for the area that is under the ten great families and Lord Campbell Mountain Villa’s control, is being carved up by Silas. His influence has grown by at least three times by now. I suppose you think Charles and Zayne might be strong enough to hold him, but they’re all cowering in a corner in fear of him. They dare not even show their faces. If Yolanda had not gone to extreme lengths to save Holton, the latter would have died in Pollerton as well. Yolanda has suffered a huge hit.

If Holton does not leave soon, he will die here. The same goes for me. Silas is a formidable presence. He will strike in a few more days, and nobody will be able to stop him.” Arnaldo sounded dejected. The number of resources derived from the reclamation area was unbelievable. It was a huge piece of pie. Silas was so blinded by his greed that he wanted to take it all for himself. Nonetheless, Reina did not understand the dynamics of the situation. “Follow me back to Terrandya. Scarlet Swan Villa will most likely be taken, too,” Arnaldo said. Reina widened her eyes and exclaimed, “Does Silas wish to take my Scarlet Swan Villa, too?” “That man has taken more than ninety percent of Mr. Lynch’s assets, over half of Charles’ properties, Zayne’s Primordial Tower, and even the food and beverage chain of Tyson. Do you think he will let your Scarlet Swan Villa go?” Arnaldo sounded resigned. He was not afraid of Silas at first. However, it was different when the latter teamed up with Francesco, who was unrivaled. Arnaldo remembered his own bodyguard, Hansel, who was killed by Francesco using just one strand of ordinary weed. It was clear as day that Francesco was a formidable man.

fact that Donald had passed away a year ago. “Silas wants to seize control of the whole Terrandya right now. However, the key to gaining authority over Terrandya is to get hold of Pollerton first. Hence, he will not let Scarlet Swan Villa go. You might as well follow me back to Terrandya as soon as possible,” Arnaldo said. Tears brimmed in Reina’s eyes as she said, “No. I’m not leaving. My memories here are far too precious to be left behind.” She took a look around Scarlet Swan Villa. If it hadn’t been for Donald, Scarlet Swan Villa would have ceased to exist

when Arnaldo was about to say something, his gaze darted behind Reina’s behind, and his brows furrowed deeply. A tall man was standing some thirty meters away from Reina. He was wearing a suit, his body slender. However, he had long hair that reached his shoulders. Half his face was

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