Sold To A Gang Leader [He owns her]

(Ending) Writer's POV

A lot of weeks passed.

Everything was going great, lewis was about turning four and he was so excited about it.

Some of his school friends, the ones he likes were invited. He was happier that even Bryan was gonna be coming down to paris for his birthday.

Naomi and Sam who were hooked up in San Francisco decided to return for lewiston's birthday since Dillon wanted it big. It was the first time celebrating new age with him, he wanted it to be on the news, carried by reporters and all social media.

Shawna was so excited, tho not always too excited. It looks like Dillon really meant what he said by not being ready to get married, he was not showing signs of a man that wants to get married at all.

He is now always busy with Dilly, and aside that, he is planning on how to possibly move to Mexico to help Dilly out with the company.

Shawna doesn't really knows his plans because he doesn't disclose his plans to her that much, it made her feel off most times.

But thank goodness for the great distraction.

A month before Dillon reappeared, shawna had bumped into valentine, her twin and then their big brother at the mall. She was going shopping for Lewiston's clothing when she bumped into them.

Tina had asked her if she was Lewiston mother and she had said yes, she also added that Dillon was his father and he was already married to her.