Sold To A Gang Leader [He owns her]

(I need you) Writer's POV

"Really? You are gonna marry only me? Well, I was scared you were gonna..."

"Nothing like that will happen. I won't be marrying Bryan's mother, I'll be killing her" Dillon interrupted Shawna.

Shawna continued blushing, happy that she was the only one preferable to him.

"So, when are you gonna marry me then?" She asked.

"Huh! I should be asking you that. Maybe you should marry me instead, I'll bear your surname, huh? It sounds cool, right?" Dillon teased.

Shawna released a slight frown.

"I'll be going" she turned and immediately walked out from the room, sucking.

"How can I be the one marrying you?" She sucked as she went down the hallway - a little bit hungry.

She got to the stairs to hear ma'am Sandra's voice.

"You guys should stop playing the ball here ok? Your father won't be happy with you. You two should stop" she heard the elderly woman's voice.

She sighted Bryan and Lewiston playing a ball inside the sitting room.

"Grandma, you really need to let me win him. I have to" Lewiston replied her.

Getting really curious, she hurried down the stairs to see everything for herself.

"Why are you two playing ball inside the sitting room? Can't you just go outside?" Shawna fixed her hands on her waist as she asked.

'He said he wanted to play with me" Bryan replied picking up the ball.

"Oh mom! Please leave us" lewiston cried out.

"No! This is a sitting room. It's not a playing ground. You can go outside if you wanna continue playing" Shawna pointed out.

"But it's already dark outside" lewiston cried out again.

"What are you shouting at them?" Dillon's voice asked from behind.

Shawna turned to look at Dillon.