?Sold To A Gang Leader

?[He owns her]




? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

Dillon got to Lewiston school,took him to his class because lewis wanted it. On getting to the class, a teacher was already teaching the rest of the students.

When Dillon showed up, she had to pause her teaching. Lewis walked into the class proudly with all his classmates staring at him.

He purposely walked towards the boy he placed gum on his sit and touched his head.

"You look ugly today" lewis said to him, earning laughter from the other students.

The teacher that was supposed to control the students couldn't even help but drool at Dillon who wasn't paying her one bit of an attention.

Lewis got to the front sit but all the sits on the row were already occupied. The teacher trying to gain Dillon to look at her told one of the boy's occupying the sits to stand up for lewis and the boy did.

Lewis sat down confidently then turned towards Dillon.

"Bye dad" lewiston waved at him.

Dillon waved back at him before disappearing from there.?

On his way back, almost at the hotel where the penthouse is located. His phone rang and he picked it.

"Hello" he answered.

"Um...Dillon, have you seen Bryan yet? Shit! He's personal guard lost him to a crowd at the airport" Dilly said worriedly from the other end.

"Bryan? Hold on, isn't he there with you?" Dillon asked.