Sold To A Gang Leader

?[He owns her]



(He is back)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

"Do you like him?" He asked her.

Shawna stared at him for a while before replying.

"He is friendly, but the only man I think of when I have the chance to is you. The only thing I ask of is why did he leave me? Did I annoy him? What did I really do?"

"My mind always flashes back to the last day, the day you drove me back to the mansion from the penthouse. I always think of that day particularly. I try to remember what I did wrong that day but couldn't remember. You are the only man occupying my mind, but sadly...." she took her eyes down and continued.

"....I don't even know if that man ever loved me because he has never said so, I've never heard him look me in the eyes and say it" she took her eyes back up.

"Have you ever felt something for me before?" She asked.??

Dillon continued staring at her, his mouth sealed as if there was a glue used on it.

"Have you?" She asked again.

"I need some time alone" was the only reply that Dillon gave her before leaving.

Shawna sighed sadly, she looked at the time on the wall clock. She decided to lie down and wait for him to return whenever he feels like but unfortunately he didn't return till the following morning.?

A tiny hand pulled her own hand, she slid her eyes open.

"Someone is at the door mom, why aren't you waking up?" Lewis hands kept roaming her body still she sat up on the bed.

"Ouch, is it morning already?" She wondered.

"Where is your nanny?" She asked Lewis.

"In the kitchen" lewis reply came.

"Has she prepared you for school?" Shawna asked again.

"Yes, as you can see, but, where is dad? I want him to be the one taking me to school. I want him to take me to school" lewis said climbing the bed.

He removed her hand from her head to stare into her face.

"Where is he?" He asked peering into her eyes.

"I don't know. He left last night" Shawna answered getting down from the bed with lewis in her arms.