Sold To A Gang Leader

?[He owns her]



(The execution)??

? ? ? ? ? ? ?Writer's POV?


Dilly parked in front of Rita's apartment. He got into the gate, he walked straight to her door, he lifted his hand to knock on her door so she could open up. He doesn't wanna spend more than 5 minutes there.

"The poor guy doesn't even know that he isn't his son" he heard someone voice that sounded like that of Rita's mom say.

"Well, all my plan got ruined, I'll leave him with Bryan for now. After Bryan might have turned into a man and is probably controlling part of their family's company, I'll show up to him again. Thinking about it, that's a good plan" he heard Rita reply.

"I'm surprised that as smart as that guy is, he hasn't run a DNA test on Bryan. That's even shocking" he heard Rita's mom say.

"That's for the best mother. Isn't he here yet? He should bring us some money, I wanna fly to paris right away" Rita said walking to the door.?

She opened the door to check around for Dilly but was shocked to the bones to see him standing right outside the door.

She gasped and started taking steps back.

"What did you just say?" Dilly asked doubting that he really heard them right.

"No... nothing, co...come in...and be..."

"I won't ask you again bi*ch!!" Dilly rasped.

Rita turned to stare at her mom who was also shocked.

"You..heard us wrong. Bryan is your son ok? He Is your son" Rita gasped out her reply. Her hand on her neck protectively.

"Did you just say that Bryan isn't my son?" Dilly asked walking in.

"He is, he is your son. I promise that he is your....."?

She stopped talking when Dilly got close to her.