Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



? ? ? ? ? ?Writer's POV?


Few minutes into their course meal. A waitress walked into the VIP room of Dilly.

"Sir, would you allow me to take your son for a few seconds? For a VIP personnel like yourself sir, we are giving out free gifts, but instead of handing you what we prepared for people like you. We'll hand over the gift to your son, sir. What do you think?" The waitress spoke politely.

Dilly looked at Bryan who was also staring at the waitress. He has an excited look on.

"What gift is that? A toy machine?" Bryan asked the waitress.

The waitress smiled at him.

"It's a surprise" she answered.

'You wanna go Bryan?" Dilly asked.

"Yes, it won't hurt. It's a gift, I don't usually receive gifts" Bryan said trying to get down from his sit but it was difficult for him getting down.

Dilly pulled Bryan's sit closer to his side, then helped him down.

"Alright, go on but don't waist time or your meal will get cold. You know you don't like cold meals" Dilly said to him.

"Yeah I'll" Bryan replied back walking towards the waitress.

"Bring him back" Dilly said to the waitress.