Sold To A Gang Leader?

[He owns her]




? ? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

"So, what really happened? How did you end up being their step sisters?" Dillon asked as he sat her down.

Shawna sniffed in then dried the fresh tears coming down from her eyes as she set to narrate things to Dillon.

"I...My mom got married to her dad after the dismiss of my dad. That was how I ended up becoming their step sisters" explained Shawna.

"Like when did that happen exactly?" Dillon asked trying to know if it's already happened before he met both Tine and Tine.?

"'s been long, when I was still a kid" Shawna supplied.

So, its happened before I met the twins and I've never heard of such from them, Dillon wondered.

"Their father....? Now that I think of it, I think their father treated me so well by selling me out to the sex house. I never knew he was tryna end my sufferings for me, because I met you. I think it's a great thing" she sniffed in again really trying to hold back the tears trying to pour from her eyes.

She laughed with tears again then made to clean her tears. She took her thumb to her face but Dillon held her back.

He brought her hand down from her eyes.?