Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]





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? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

"When is my dad finishing with work?" Bryan turned to Suzan then asked.

" a while dear, I believe" Suzan answered him.

Bryan sighed really tired of sitting, he started wishing that he had followed Naomi to wherever place she was traveling too.?

Just waiting for Dilly outside the office is so boring. Tho he has a video game he is playing on a tab Dilly got for him, he has been playing the game for hours and he is fed up with it already.?

"Why? You wanna go somewhere else?" Suzan asked.

"Yes, I'm tired" Dilly replied with a slight frown.

Suzan thought for a while then decided to walk him around the company.??

She stood up.

"Okay Bryan, put down your tab. Let me just take you round the company and perhaps we also grab a cup of tea" Suzan said.

"Okay cool" Bryan replied dropping the tab immediately.

"Okay let's go" Suzan beckoned on him to move first.?