Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]?





? ? ? ? ? ?Writer's POV?

Sam sighed really confused as he watched Luwis walk out of the gym. He sat down on the floor and buried his head on his palm in deep thought.

*The next day*?

Shawna sat at the kitchen area watching the maids clean up. This past few days has been extremely boring for her with the fact that she no longer goes to school.

Her phone sometimes keeps her busy but most of the time. All she thinks about it seeing Dillion.

Is he hiding himself from me or isn't he just around? Shawna wondered.

"Hey girl, what are you thinking about?" Beatrice asked taking a sit in front of Shawna.

Shawna sighed wondering is she should ask Beatrice about Dillion's whereabout.

Hope she isn't gonna think negativity tho, she thought and then decided that there was on harm in trying.

"Beatrice" she called.

"Yes" Beatrice answered.

"The young master, I've not been seeing him. Did he travel?" Shawna questioned.

"Well...not exactly, but he is not always around. I don't know where he goes tho, its non of our business" Beatrice replied her.

"Any problem" she then asked.

"No, I'm just curious. There is no problem" Shawna answered forcing a smile to her face.

"Can you help me tell ma'am Sandra that I'll go up and come back? I wanna go take my phone" shawna said standing up.