Sold To A Gang Leader??

[He owns her]





? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

After long hours of s*x. Shawna could barely breathe. She just fell into deep sleep beside Dillion.

The effect of the substance vivian had put inside the wine still didn't wash off, even after Shawna slept off tiredly but Dillion was able to hold himself and also fell into deep sleep.

The next day, almost noon time.

Shawna's eyes opened and her stomach grumbled out of hunger.

She sat up from the bed and looked beside her to see Dillion still sleeping. She recalled what happened between them the previous day and her face flushed red.

She came down from the bed slowly and wore her clothes. Then walked to the door and opened it, she went straight to her room and took her bath.?

After bathing she rushed out to go look for what to eat. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday.

She met ma'am Sandra downstairs and before she could open her mouth to speak.

"Go wait at the dinning" ma'am Sandra said.

Shawna gulped and then nodded. She held unto her stomach and rushed to the dinning ignoring the pains in between her legs.

A maid came up with a tray of food few minutes later and she ate it all up within few minutes.

She only realized how fast she eat when she had finished eating then she took the tray to the kitchen. Next she went to ma'am Sandra who was heading upstairs.

"Is he awake?" Ma'am Sandra asked her.

Does she know we spent the night together? She wondered as to ma'am Sandra's question.

"Umm...who?" Shawna feigned ignorance.