Sold To A Gang Leader?

[He owns her]





? ? ? ? ?Writer's POV?

Few hours later.?

Matthew treated Shawna and stitched up her wound than he later assured Dillion that Shawna will be okay after enough sleep.

Dillion later on walked out to the large sitting room in other to address his boys on the event that took place. It was already late in the night but they were all still fully awake.

He walked down to them and began.

"I'll take today's incident as if it never happened. But this shows that you should always be prepared because danger doesn't notify you before it comes. I wasn't prepared and I regret it. It won't ever happen again tho."

"You all should also take it as if nothing happened and move on."

"But next time, whenever I give command and its disobeyed, that individual - I don't care who he is will be dealt with. You can go back to what you are doing" he concluded not really in the mood to talk but it's a necessary thing for him to do.

He took the stairs back up, leaving the boys mumbling words to themselves.

He later sent for luwis, who appeared before.