?Sold To A Gang Leader?

[He owns her]




(Escaping 3)?

? ? ? ?Writer's POV??

"Boss, he is here" one of Matthias's father boys announced to him.

"Untie her" he commanded one and he did as he was told.

Shawna's heart started beating faster.

Dillion is here? She thought in her head.

The guy that untied her stood her up and held her around her neck with a knife placed directly on her throat.

Shawna's fears increased. Any small mistake, she might die.?

She watched the shape looking knife that was placed on her throat keenly praying that the guy's hand doesn't move or else...

Matthias's father sat down on his chair waiting for Dillion while the two other guys with him aside the one holding Shawna pulled out their gun and pointed it to the door ready to shot.?

Dillion who was still outside looked into the car to signal Sam and Rockie on what to do before he left, finding his way into the house.

The boys that saw him moving into the house didn't shot him, they kept pointing their guns at him but didn't shot him. Dillion just walked pass them freely because he knows they won't try to shot him because their boss has probably instructed them that they shouldn't kill him. At least not yet.?

He also knows that Sam and Rockie will kill them for him once he moved pass them.

Then he got to the place that looked like a big sitting room. He saw two guys guarding a door ahead of him, he figured out that Shawna might be there so he pulled out his poisoned pins and shot at them.

Once the pin entered their body they dropped down dead.?

One of the most rare weapon you will ever see. Very deadly and effective.