Sold To A Gang Leader?

[He owns her]




? ? ? ? ? ? Writer's POV?

"Guys!! There is a problem" Jay after checking out the location ran back to the others to inform them of what he found out.

"What is it?" One by the name Rockie asked.

"Well, I found boss's phone on the floor. The exact place I found it, there were foot steps there, and it looked like em..a car also parked there" he said.

"What??" Some shrieked becoming at alert.?

"You were supposed to check out that location first" Sam said getting up on his feet.

"Yeah, but he was here picking up a fight with me" Luwis groaned.

Jay ignored their comments and continued.

"But I check around and only sighted it an abandoned warehouse or what was that building? Well I think if they are holding him then it must be there cause that's the only building around."?

"We need to move now then" Sam said moving to the door.

Luwis remained sited there while some were trying to move.

"Hey Luwis, aren't you coming or what?" Sam stopped to call him.

"Well, not everyone can go. People going should not be more than four, I'm sure the boss is handling whatever situation, he is not weak" Luwis said.

"Well yeah, not everyone can go. But you have to go, come on get up" Sam said going back to pull him up.

? ? ??

Far from that location.

In a kind of dark room two boys were inside the room looking at Vivian who was tied to an iron chair.