Sold To A Gang Leader

?[He owns her]



(Fighting club)

? ? ?Writer's POV?

"Hey" said luwis as he stood facing Shawna.

"Hey" Shawna replied him.

"Where have you been?" Asked Luwis wanting to hear what Shawna was gonna reply him.

"I've been out with the young master, he took me out" Shawna answered not seeing any reason to lie to him.

Then an idea came into her head. Luwis might know this guest that just arrived.

"Um...Luwis?" She inched her nape and called.

"Yeah, what is it?" He replied.

"Do you...." she paused.

"Do you know that lady with your boss?" She asked not wanting him to suspect anything.

"Which lady?" Luwis asked not sure he saw any lady.

"With long dark hair, she's also tall. The young master actually saids she's gonna be staying with us for a while" Shawna explained.

"Oh really?" Luwis brows joined together as he asked.

"Yeah" Shawna replied.

"Then let's go to the dinning, after seeing her. I might be able to tell you who she is that's if I know her" Luwis said holding Shawna's arm.