Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



(Who is he?)

? ? ? ?Writer's POV?


Dilly walked up to the table and then he dropped the tablet there.

I wonder where they went to, he thought out again before going back in to finish up the office work waiting for him.?

*Two hours later*?

He finished with all the works he had then arranged his works properly before leaving his office. He got out to see that Suzan has returned together with Bryan. Bryan was sitting beside her with the tablet he dropped off for him with him.

Suzan lifted her head up to look at Dilly, she stood up immediately.

"You can go home now" Dilly said to Suzan.

"Yes sir" Suzan replied her gaze fixed on him.

"Let's go, Bryan" he said to Bryan avoiding Suzan's eyes.

Bryan stood up from where he was sited then walked up to Dilly. Dilly held his hand and started leading him to the elevator.

"Bye Suzan" Bryan turned and waved at Suzan who waved back at him.