(Two faced)

Shawna's POV

I tightened my eyes waiting for the time that I'm gonna die but nothing happened.

With my hands covering my both eyes, I wondered what was going on.

I instead heard the door open.

I uncovered my eyes to see that the truck stopped right in front of us and Dillion is already outside the car.

The urge to puke came again and I opened the other side and immediately released everything inside my mouth. I feel weak, scared, sick. I feel all the terrible things in the world.

The driver of the truck came down with a parcel.

"Boss" I heard him call.

"Sorry for coming late" the driver said confusing me.

Do they know each other or what?

He handed the parcel to Dillion who collected it and peeped into it.

"How are the others?" Dillion asked his eyes on the parcel.

"They are good boss but um...I have got a problem" the guy said.

"What is it?" Dillion asked looking up to him.

"The cops, they are on my tail and they'll be here anytime soon";the guy replied.

Oh my gosh! The cops? I thought.