Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]




(I don't wanna die)

Luwis's POV

"Hey, you told him?"

"Seriously?" Sam asked as I got out to meet him still at the garage.

"Yeah, isn't it time yet? Lemme go get Shawna. I wanna use the opportunity to get that bastard" I said and collected a bunch of car keys from him.

I unlocked a car nearby and got in. Then drove out in full speed.

I got to the front gate and stopped. It's high time she comes out with the bastard. It's high time.

I leaned on the car with my eyes focused in the direction she follows. It didn't take up to fifteen minutes, she showed up with him. Immediately the bastard sighted me, he hurriedly gave Shawna whatever and started leaving which motivated me a lot.

He acts weird. The bastard definitely knows me.

I walked up to Shawna hurriedly, handed the keys to her.

"Wait for me in the car" I said and without waiting for a reply ran after the bastard.

He noticed that I was following him and he started running and as expected I ran after him.

Damn! I don't no my way around here or I'd rounded him off.

I continued running after him, he ran into the school hallway making students move away in fear. I followed him and he entered into the male toilet.

He was about sliding down but held himself from falling, something fell off his pocket during the process.

I bent to pick it up and it was his wallet, I looked up and didn't find him again.

"F**k*ng bastard!" I cussed and yanked the wallet open. I emptied all the content and brought out his ID. His wallet contained about three cards in it. I took the three cards and left his empited wallet on the floor and then left to meet up with Shawna.

Shawna's POV

I'm surprised, really really. Why did luwis leave like that?