Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



(A new Shawna)

Shawna's POV

I woke up with a smile on my face. I'm gonna start college probably tomorrow.

So excited, so so excited.

I came down from the bed and ran to the bathroom to wee and wash my face. After doing that I left in search of ma'am Sandra.

On the way I bombed into Beatrice.

Remember Beatrice, one of the maids. A really nice girl and she is my second favorite person here after ma'am Sandra. She doesn't behave sassy like most of them could always glare at me.

"Hey Shawna, I was on my way to see you, sorry I didn't wait up for you last night, I slept off" she apologized.

"It's okay Beatrice, ma'am explained things to me already" I replied.

"Okay, so how Is Mexico?" She asked and I smiled.

I don't no why I smiled, maybe because I'm too excited about schooling, I think that's just it. Could there be other reasons?