Sold To A Gang Leader

[ He owns her]



(So annoying)

Early that day in Mexico.

Valentina's POV

Andrew had asked me to come over to Mark's quarters. Marks quarters is where Dillion, my ex boyfriend lives.

I won't lie, I became really excited. I've been looking for a chance to see Dillion again and I think this is the best opportunity.

Valentine said she was gonna follow me and I let her. I know she has a big crush on Dilly and won't ever hide it. I think it's something bigger than a crush tho, I aren't really sure.

I drove past a jeep on getting into the mansion, then I parked in the garage and came down. This isn't the first time coming here, but I felt really nervous. Extremely nervous.

"Hey Tina, hi there Tine" we heard a familiar voice and turned to see Andrew.

He was shirtless and was holding a plate.