Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]




Shawna's POV

It felt so awkward. I felt like dying.

"A what??" The Andrew guy gasped out obviously surprised to hear that.

I fixed my eyes on my dinner.


I wish I can just stand up and leave this dinning. I just wish I can.

"Dilly is that true? Who's sex whatever? Yours?" I heard Andrew ask.

"Naomi go and eat in your room" I heard Dillion say.

I lifted my eyes a bit to stare at him.

"Did he say Naomi or did he call my own name?"

"What...what? Why?" I heard Naomi protest and I confirmed that he really mentioned her name.

"Now!" Dillion snapped and she stood up.

"As if what am saying isn't true" she mumbled as she stormed out obviously angrily.