Sold To A Gang Leader

[ He owns her]




Shawna's POV

I made to stand up because of how scared I got but was held down by Luwis.

I took my eyes to look at him immediately.

"Just pretend you didn't see him" he mumbled.


How can I pretend not to see him? I thought with other things running inside my head.

"Just sit down, trust me" he confirmed sounding so convincing.

And I did, I took my eyes back to the booth but didn't see Dillion and Naomi there again. Dillion had started leaving with Naomi running after him.

It made me relieved a bit but still I'm very much scared. He might be really angry.

Naomi's POV.

"Come on Dillion, you told me you were gonna sit and watch me out. Why did you order it out? Why are you doing this me again?" I half yelled as I followed him out of the Noddles restaurant.

I had actually pleaded seriously with him to take me to this Noddles restaurant. He grumpily brings me here whenever he's around so I didn't want this his visit to be different. I pleaded and even refused to leave his bathroom when he wanted to take his bath.

He had gotten really angry that I disobeyed him but still saw how determined I was and then promised to bring me here when he's done bathing. That was how I successfully did it but now....

He got into the car we came with.

I opened the other side and got in before he could drive off. He's kind of angry now.

Not that he really shows it but I think he's quit angry.

Why did he's mood suddenly change? Is it because of that lady? I still don't no why she's following him until now.