Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



Shawna's POV

I slept peacefully on the soft bed until I felt a tap on my thighs. I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep away.

"Miss, you're been called to the dinning" a soft voice said.

I stared around the room until my eyes landed on the pretty maid there. I sat up properly to comprehend what she said.

"Dinning?" I asked.

"Yes miss, you're been called"she confirmed.

"Um.. okay" I put on the flip flop I saw by the bed side and followed her slowly from behind.

She took me down the stairs and to the large dinning there. There, I saw Dillion. His twin brother, Dilly, their sister and Luwis with the other unknown guy.

I immediately felt shy. I've never eaten on the same table with them before.

Why? Why can't they just serve me my own meal separately? I thought as I dragged my feet to an empty seat far from the siblings and sat down.

A maid dishing out the meals served me mine and I started eating slowly. My eyes didn't leave my plate, it just couldn't.

"But Dilly, why must we eat on the same table with them? Isn't it supposed to be just us?" She queried.

"Can't you just shut up and let me eat in f**k*ng peace? Must you always grouse over every thing?" Dilly answered her.