Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]




(He likes her?)

Shawna's POV

An hour later we landed and I smiled inwardly. This is actually the second time I'm flying on air, the first was when my both parents were still alive. I think I was 5 then too.

It's more beautiful considering the fact that it's a private jet but it felt uncomfortable because I had to sit across Dillion all through.

We entered into a waiting car. There were guards there who ushered us into a black Jeep.

After we'd gotten in, the driver took off. We spent about 3 hours on the road, by then everywhere was already dark.

I smiled again as I stared out through the window.

Everywhere looks beautiful.

Welcome to Mexico Shawna, I told myself. But it could have been way better if, I wasn't a slave. Way better.

After riding for those hours, we finally arrived and got down. I followed Dillion slowly from behind as he walked into a huge house or perhaps its a mansion.

It's seriously good to be wealthy.

Even if it's late already, everywhere looked bright because of the light fixed at every corner of the huge house.

"Dillion!!!" A tiny voice shrieked.

The voice sounds like a female voice.