(I'm sold)

Couple of weeks later.

Somewhere in Mexico.

Dilly's POV

"Have you prepared the necessary files needed?" I questioned my secretary.

"Yes sir, the documents are all ready" she replied.

"So, when did Dillion say he is gonna be arriving?" I asked again.

"Um..he must be in the air now, I think he'll arrive before 9pm" she answered.

"Alright, prepare a ride for him. I can't go leave the office,I've got tones of work to do"I said and she replied with a "yes sir" before turning to leave.

I watched as her ass bounce as she walked away. She was on miniskirt. Always trying to seduce me.

I let out a smile but the smile got dissolved immediately a call entered my phone and I saw the name of the person calling.

What's wrong with her now? I thought and grumpily answered the call.

Naomi's POV - Dillion and Dilly's sis.

Oh gosh, where is that jerk head of a driver? Where on Earth did he go to? I thought angrily as I stood watching every other students leave.

I have to return home before Dillion arrives. Where is that jerk? I continued standing there under the hot sun until a Mercedes Benz pulled over in front of me, but that wasn't my ride. That isn't my car.

The glass of the car got rolled down and I saw the twins there.

Tine and Tina.

I threw my face away to pretend that I didn't't see them. I can't talk to them first.

"Hey Naomi, you want a ride, come on" Tine shrieked from inside.

"No thanks" I frowned my face and replied.