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Next day.

Shawna's POV

I flushed my eyes open. My eye lid was still very heavy but feeling the presence of someone in the room I had to open my eyes.

I saw someone cleaning up the room but my vision wasn't really clear.

I groaned a bit and sat up on the bed.

My head felt really heavy and hot too, maybe because of all the cries, I really cried yesterday. Yesterday is not a day I can easily forget.

"Hey" I called my voice coming out low.

The maid turned and stared at me.

"Good morning Shawna, you're up?" She greeted and asked.

"Yeah, what..."

"I'm cleaning up your room, ma'am Sandra also said to check up on you" the maid cut me in before I could ask her what I wanted to ask.

"Okay, go on" I said and brought my legs down to the floor.

I made to stand up to go take my bath and see if I could get better but could barely walk.

I almost fell but the maid was quick to hold me.