Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]



(The past)

Shawna's POV

My eyes widened I felt my asshole tearing up.

I couldn't bear it. Tears started streaming down my cheeks.

Oh heavens! What sort of pain is this?

He really meant what he said.

Oh gosh.

Writer's POV

Dillion wasn't kind enough to go slow with her. He needed to punish her, in that way, she could never do anything that will make him mad again.

He knew she hasn't had s*x with anyone before but he still went rough. Even if she was as tight as whatever, he didn't care. He's thrusts were fast, really fast into her.

Shawna folded her lips in order not to cry out. But squeaks could be heard.

Her squeaks turned to squeal then later increased. She couldn't bear it anymore, especially when he started the main thing.

F**k*ng her asshole was just like a warm-up. This time, he made her lie on the bed with one leg up, without warnings, he started thrusting into her, a bit slow at first considering the fact that she was also very very tight there.

Then he finally filled her up with his d**k before he started thrusting in with speed.

Shawna at a point felt her hymen break but wasn't so concerned. She was more concerned about the excruciating pains she was feeling.

Down there, she felt pains she has never felt before. But all the same she still cursed her step father. Her hatred didn't really target towards Dillion but to her step father.

But still, she wished he could just let her go. Just leave her but no, Dillion at that point was just getting started.