[He owns her]


(Give me your back)

Somewhere in Mexico.

Dilly's POV

I climbed down the stairs slowly with my phone fixed on my right ear talking to the company's manager.

So, I expect all the documents to be ready before I get there.

Yes, yes sir, of course.


I dropped the call but was stopped by someone right at the ending of the stairs.

"Rita?" I called surprised.

"What..what are you doing here?"

"Aren't you supposed to...."

She was still saying when I covered her mouth with my palm and pulled her into the guest room downstairs.

I slammed the door shut.

"What the hell are you doing here Rita? How dare you show up here?" I rasped at her.

'You didn't bother to call and tell me that you've arrived Mexico huh, you think I wouldn't find out" she retorted.

"Is that why you came here? Do you want me to restrict you from coming near this mansion, you better don't try this shit again or..."

"Or what? Once you play any silly trick I'll inform the whole public about our secret and you'll be damned" she cut in and said again.

"Oh f**k you Rita. I seriously curse the day I meet you" I groaned.

"You're welcome honey" she rolled her eyes and replied making me more angry.