(Ma'am Sandra)

Shawna's POV

I got back to the room the middle aged woman showed to me, then I opened the room and got in.

A wow escaped my mouth as I walked in.

Gosh, the room looks like a Cinderella room, did they really prepare this room for me or am I in the wrong room?

I can't be in the right room. No!

Definitely, I think I've gotten into the wrong room.

Maybe I should go back out and retract my steps.

I made to turn back and go out when I heard the cracking sound of a door opening.

"Dill is that you?" I heard a tiny voice ask.

I waited for the person to come out fully from the inner room there and when the person did, I discovered the person to be a girl, about my age.

She has a towel wrapped around her body and her hair dripping wet, guess that's the bathroom.

She gawked at me making me wonder why. Does she have to stare at me like that even tho I made a mistake of entering her room. I might be older than her.

"Who the hell are you bit*h?" She came forward and stood glaring at me.

"I..I think I made a mistake of getting into your room, I was about to leave" I said to her.

"Well out" she barked and I scoffed inwardly.

Who the hell is she? She has such a temper and she's rude.

But I'm a slave and she might be connected to those guys so I should better respect myself.

I turned and walked out of the door, walked back to Dillions door and started walking back carefully, counting the number of rooms I passed.

Then I finally got to the fourth room and stopped, I think it's the fourth one.

Yeah, it should be, I thought and opened the door slowly and peeped into the room.

The room looks normal, not stylish but still better than my room, the one at my step father's house.