(Strip completely)

Shawna's POV

I got into the room and shut the door close. The room was a bit dark and the smell of cigarette filled the air.

I sighted him sitting at the far end of what seems like an office, it's not a room, there was no bed or whatever there.

I took slow steps towards him,when I got closer I stood there staring at him as he smoked from the cigarette with him.

There were papers like files on the table there, the table separated the both of us.

He didn't raise his eyes to stare at me, his eyes were fixed on the files with the cigarette still in between his fingers.

He whiffed and finally looked up at me.

I saw his eyes devour my whole body, he continued staring at me without saying anything which made me really curious.

What is he thinking? Why is he just staring at me? It's really uncomfortable like this.

I never thought this kind of fate will before me ever. I only managed to finish highschool two years ago, step father never allowed me attend college. He doesn't even allow me out of the house.

I've learned to always be respectful and enduring but this kind of situation is just too awkward for me to handle.

I didn't even know when I started sweating, just his mere gaze is doing this to me.

"Sit" he growled and I took a sit in front of him immediately, I don't need to be told twice.