She grew prouder of herself as the number of her fans increased. As a celebrity, she knew the importance of staying relevant. The company did not care what methods were used as long as she was talked about.

Although Yang Li disagreed, the company’s higher-ups were very satisfied. It was also for this reason that she grew dissatisfied with Yang Li.

If it were not for the fact that Yang Li had worked with Ning Xia before and could help her with imitating Ning Xia to win over Ning Xia’s fans, she would not have kept such a dull person by her side.

After some time had passed, the trouble Yang Li was worried about did not appear.

In fact, she was very worried Mu Chen would be displeased with her. Therefore, she had acted coquettishly with her brother after the incident and asked him to bring her to the Mu family to apologize. Although she said she was going there to apologize, the truth was she wanted to test the water and also to stage a scene. She had specially arranged for the paparazzi to take pictures of her visiting the Mu family house.

At that time, Mu Chen was not home so spent more than half a day there eating and chatting with Jiang Jin.