Ye Cheng was stunned.

Fu Ting repeated her question. “Is your sister not in a good place mentally?”

Ye Cheng did not respond and looked at Fu Ting silently.

Seeing this, Fu Ting did not repeat her question again. Instead, she found a more comfortable position and leaned back against the chair before she said, “Ye Cheng, the Ye Group will belong to you sooner or later, right? You’re the future of the Ye Group. In regard to the Public Security Bureau, with my father around, the Bureau Chief will definitely give you an important position. However, once you enter the bureau, your connection with the Ye Group will have to be hidden. It’s unfortunate that you don’t have any reliable siblings who can support you and hold down the fort in the Ye Group. Hence, you can only endure and suffer as you take on both sides. Regarding this, my father and Bureau Chief will help you so you don’t have to worry…”

Upon hearing these words, Ye Cheng relaxed.

“However…” Fu Ting’s tone changed when she said this word.

Ye Cheng instantly tensed up again.