Ye Xin’s wheelchair came to a stop in front of Mu Chen.

Cheng Che instinctively stepped forward in front of Mu Chen as he said, “Miss Ye, I’ve already told you that if you have anything to say, you can ask your lawyer to speak to our lawyer. We have nothing to say to you.”

Cheng Che raised his voice slightly when nearing the end of his sentence.

Ye Xin sneered. “What lawyer? Do I need to look for a lawyer for my private matters with Mu Chen?”

When Ye Xin saw Mu Chen keeping quiet, tears rolled down her face as she said, “Mu Chen, why are you so heartless? You’re not even willing to talk to me?”

She pounded her lap, agitated, as she continued to say, “I’ve become like this because of you! Don’t you feel distressed at all? Have you forgotten what you said in the past? You said you won’t marry anyone unless you marry me! Ever since you met that woman, you’ve changed. You protected her and even publicly declared your love! What about me? I’ve accompanied you for so many years!”

At this time, the commotion had already attracted a crowd. After all, this scene seemed like it came out of a television drama. There were even some onlookers who looked around to see if there were any cameras around; they wondered if they stumbled upon a filming. After all, the appearances, temperaments, clothes, and the words from these people really made it seem like they were actors acting out a scene. Needless to say, when they determined there were no cameras around, they began to discuss among themselves in low voices.