Ye Xin looked at Ye Cheng and sneered. “Let him deal with it? He was the one who suggested compensating the Mu family, right? Mom, are you really going to destroy your daughter’s dignity for your son’s career?”

Gao Wen hastily said, “No, no, of course not! Xinxin, don’t talk nonsense. Your brother is doing this for your sake. This time, you must listen to your brother!”

Ye Xin did not take her mother’s words to her at all. She was furious as soon as she heard about having to compensate the Mu family, or to be precise, Song Ning. She shrieked, “No! Why must I bow down to Song Ning? All of you are only trying to protect Brother’s career! You think you’ll have an easy life after he becomes a politician!”

Gao Wen was at a loss for words; she did not know how to explain the matter to her daughter.

Ye He, the person who had unwittingly destroyed the warm atmosphere, did not know what to do or say either. In the end, he said, flustered, “My baby, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry, okay? Your brother will find a way. He will definitely find a way! Don’t be angry!”

Ye Cheng felt another headache coming on. He looked at the family of three and said icily, “I… No, we have no choice. Even if we want to compensate the Mu family, they might not want it. They likely will want to pursue this matter to the end.”

After Ye Cheng finished speaking, he strode out of the room without looking back.

Chen Chen, who was standing outside the room, looked at his boss worriedly.