Ning Zhe sighed softly. “Forget it. Don’t let your studies affect your health. I heard you’ve been sitting in during the board of directors’ meetings, and your performance is quite good. You can continue attending the meetings. As for your studies, I’m sure you’ll be accepted into one university at least, right?” He continued to say, “Your sister only began to study when there was a year left of high school, but she managed to get accepted into a key university. With her ability, even if she did not study medicine, she would’ve gotten into a better university. In any case, studying is also an innate talent…”

Ning Dong lowered his head further.

Ning Zhe seemed to realize he had gotten off-topic so he patted his son’s shoulder and said, “It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. Just stay in M City and study business management. After classes, you can follow me to the company to familiarize yourself with the company. Since you’re not cut out for studying, then you should familiarize yourself with the company as soon as possible. I only have one son so you’ll have to take over the family business eventually…”

Ning Zhe said so many words, but all Su Tong heard was Ning Zhe asking her son to familiarize himself with the company. She was overjoyed. “Hubby, Dongdong, will definitely work hard!”

Ning Zhe glanced at her before he said to his son, “If you have anything on your mind, you can just speak up in the future. Don’t always let your mother speak on your behalf. You can’t be a mommy’s boy forever…”

Su Tong, who was about to speak, shut her mouth awkwardly when she heard these words.

Ning Dong cleared his throat and raised his voice slightly as he said, “Yes, father. I’ll remember your words.”

Ning Zhe nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, go and study. If you need help, I’ll ask Ning Chun to arrange a tutor for you. As for your phone, just get a new one. You’re the Young Master of the Ning family. You don’t have to care about such trivial matters.”