Ning Dong was immersed in his thoughts, staring blankly at the hotpot in front of him.

Ji An’s finger tapped lightly on his phone. After that, he poured Ning Dong a glass of beer and said, “Ning Dong, I think you’re overthinking things. Come, have a drink to calm down…”

Ning Dong picked the glass up and downed the beer without any hesitation.

Ji An said, “I don’t understand. Why do you suspect your father has woken up a while ago? Even if he has woken up a while ago, so what? Are you angry he lied to you? Perhaps, he has some unspeakable difficulties?”

Ning Dong smiled bitterly and said, “Unspeakable difficulties? You think he has some unspeakable difficulties? No, he doesn’t have any unspeakable difficulties; he only has ulterior motives…”