She is a CEO by George Chapman

Chapter 8 Boy's "Fraud"

"Just pretend! No one deserves my mom," Theodore replied casually.

Really? Looking at the message sent by Theodore, Alice smiled with her lips upturned, like a sweet doll coming to life. From her information, the man was not normal.

Arthur, chairman of Favonnis Corp, Edwin Davies's third son, and Supervisor of the Athegate Branch. He worked resolutely and cautiously who ran the branch in Athegate three years ago. Only in a few years, he succeeded in making it one of the first-class financial companies and going public stably. And his former resume was more amazing.

At the age of 15, he entered MIT where he tackled many difficult scientific problems with his supervisor. He was the famous boy genius at MIT. It was a pity that he just returned home after graduation. Otherwise, he might be an influential man in the academic world.

"So what are you going to do next?" Alice asked Theodore curiously.

Theodore, who had obtained what he wanted, just smiled and sent a word to her which made her mad—Guess!

The next morning, Lucia came to wake Theodore up in his room and found that he was sleeping deeply with an iPad in his arms, seemingly smiling. Lucia was amused by him. What a "naughty" boy...

After washing and having breakfast, Lucia arrived in company with Theodore.

Actually, Theodore was at the age of going to kindergarten. Lucia had planned to arrange it, but she didn't expect that JTP Group put her through hell. Now, she had no time to think of this, thereby intending to ask Nia to deal with it.

Hardly had Theodore reached the company when he found himself a place for fun. And Lucia dedicated herself to the case of CTD.

As Lucia became busy, Theodore began his plan.

the location information was sent to

was the only person in the

was no one in the corridor. He then took an elevator.

mansion, he hurried to the curb and struggled to hail a cab. Many cars whizzed by him, but finally, there was

Theodore sighed with relief as he saw the cab stop completely. He hurried to open the door with all his

frowning. He stopped just because of good intentions, thinking

with your family?" The driver turned to look

he told the location Alice gave him to the driver, "Please

still puzzled, he finally started the

Fragranerde Hall, which was an area of magnificent villas. Then they were stopped by a security

to pay the fare and got out of the car after

Theodore with a smile. Facing the security guard, he was

find someone?" The guard was not that

Arthur. He lives in Building 3, Block B. Can I get in now?" Theodore raised

while. He knew Arthur, and the boy was a bit like him. However, he couldn't let him in easily. Here was the area for wealthy

but he then rushed in as

it. As he reacted to

2, Building 3...Theodore observed the mark of villas on both sides while running. As he saw Block B, he became

But soon he had a hardship. The ring bell was too high for a four-year-old

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