Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 32: XXXII Green Apples (part 2)

Navi'Sai slowly walked past Ethan, Rigs and his newest trainee, Mat.

The three trainees were wearing a white training set of V-Cut sleeveless shirt and loose Shitabaki pants. Navi is wearing the black colored version of the same training uniform.

"We had a very intense hand-to-hand sparring sessions last week. This week will be different. There would be no physical contact or combat, we will be focusing on a single skill." Navi'Sai explained.

Rigs fist-bumped with Mat then nodded with Ethan.

"This is a very simple activity, but I'm not saying that this wouldn't be as tiring as doing an actual sparring. We are going to study Quick Leaps." Navi'Sai said.

"Quick Leaps?" Mat and Rigs said.

"Don't worry guys. it's just a simple leap from Point A to Point B...." Ethan said.

"So Quick Leap is just a simple jump from here to there?" Mat asked.

"Yes," Navi'Sai replied.

"Just a walk in the park, piece of cake, come on let's do this Master Navi." Rigs said while stretching his limbs.

"For our warm up, let's do a two meter leap..."

Just before Navi'Sai finished his line, Mat and Rigs jumped 2 meters away from where they are standing.

"Wow, that was easy! Come on Master Navi give us a real challenge," Rigs said while picking a high five from Mat.

"How about a three meter leap?" Navi'Sai said.

Mat made several steps back then leaped.

Rigs laughed hard, "Almost there Mat, but that was a half meter short to your supposed landing point."

Rigs stepped back, but Navi'Sai Interrupted. "Wait, you are not supposed to move away from your original position."

"What?!" Rigs reacted.

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go pick it up Master Navi."

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   "Let's try it

   "OK on my count, one... two.... Three..."

Mat and Rigs, I'm teaching them the Quick Leap." Navi'Sai

how's the training?"

    "Another clear win, see the clearance between my leap and your leap, it's like heaven and

  "I'm just a

 "I knew it, this would never

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