Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 29: XXVIII Toll of War

It was more than four hours since the battle started.

Most of the lesser angel and demons already died and vanished.

A ki-blade swung into view, demon blood was trailing behind the tip of the weapon. Navi'Fang stood up on top of the demon corpse raising his ki-blade and cried, "Let us finish this war! Carriers, regroup and flank with the archangels!"

The head archangel Haiel raised his angel-blade and called the two other archangels to create a formation with the other lesser angels surrounding them.

Most pseudo arch-demons were called back by their demonlords, in an instant, they appeared to be teleported somewhere, no one has an idea where they went or what happened to them.

The battle closes to its finale, here is the summary of the matchup between the carriers and archangels against the demonlords.

The heavily injured archangel Serenity won over Perdere, she was pulled back by the archangel Haiel and was assisted by the other lesser angels as she ascend back to the portal to heaven.

Archangel Charoum lost and died to Casus'Lucem.

Archangel Haiel and Kuro Oni's fight was a stale mate. Kuro Oni flew away to have his wounds healed by his pseudo arch-demon Satsu'Jin.

On the other end of the island, Karasu and his archdemon Corvus was still fighting against the squad of carriers led by Navi'Fang. Karasu lost but he was able to bring heavy injuries to Master Prez , Seth and Lily. Corvus was heavily dealing with Sai and Rain, later he was killed by Navi'Fang.

die in the process of transporting back to the

pillar of light was seen rising from the other end where the archangels

are needed there, it looks like we are about to reach victory." Navi'Fang

made several long distance quickleaps


portal going to the human realm, the three of them must cast this altogether, but since they have lost Perdere, this

started to whirl above the assembly of demons covering the area with

thin purple pillar shoots up from the ground from where

end this before any of them get pass

groups, one led by the archangel Haiel and the other is led by Navi'Fang, flanked by Master Prez and the angel Kei'Sei, they made two concentrated penetration to enter the wall of demons. They fought their way in

is too narrow, if non of us would get thru this then

in first, send in some slave demons

Satsu'Jin and instructed him to

Tenebris and Corvus and instructed

demons followed into

faced Kuro Oni once

surrounded by Navi'Fang, Master Prez, angel Kei'Sei and other

arms and controlled the black clouds to become a giant barrier covering the battle ground. It created a total darkness all over, the

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