Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 25: XXIV Then came Summer

Three months have passed.

John and Rain decided to help each other to find Lily. They went to each and every possible place where Lily could be.

They had these long rides using John's car. They have been discussing about the Seal of Light, the Carriers of the Seal, the astral world and other unearthly things that she her sister encountered.

It was already a late afternoon that day. They have been on the road for almost 3 hours straight.

John checked the map of their next destination. It seems that they have arrived earlier than expected.

John tapped Rain's shoulder that was been asleep for almost an hour now.

"Rain, we are here."

Rain made several quick blinks and rubbed her eyes. Looking out at the car window, she noticed the very provincial atmosphere they are at the moment.

John parked his car in front of an old house.

"Are you sure about this place?" John asked.

"No," Rain replied.

Rain stepped out of the car and lifted up her dark coated eye glasses above her forehead.

John followed and stayed behind her.

front of the old house's door and made a soft knock

checked both

like this was made in

very knowledgeable about

dad wants me to restore it, I was planning

to be impossible with you John.

gave Rain a straight eye

door slightly opened as the old lady

Mrs. Cirrus, It's me

it's you,

young man smiling

brought your boyfriend

no, he is not my boyfriend. His name is John Eve, he's

She asked them to come in,

blushed while John made a witty smile

love to stay for a quick chat but we are in a bit hurry, I would just like to

her for awhile. Why,

almost 3 months now. I tried all the possible places that she could be,

of a baby crying

and took the baby from the room

baby stopped crying while looking at his mother's

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