Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 20: XIX. Party just started

“I dreamt of an island, a crescent shaped one. It was like paradise there. There was complete peace and serenity.”

Then came this long beeping sound….


“Finally, it stopped, but it resumed again, but this time, it was shorter, it paused twice or trice.”

Beeeeeep… Beeep…

“Then came this continuous short beeps.”

Beeep... Beep... Beep... Beep...

Someone inside the room yelled "Call the doctor please!"

Mat tried to open his eyes slowly but the light from the ceiling was too strong that he could not see anything.

His motor is still numb but at least he could open his eyes and somehow tilt his head.

He looked on the side and saw a worried Mr. John Eve

'Sir..." Mat said on a very weak voice...

Mat saw machines and tubes that were connected to his body. He knew then that he was inside a hospital.

crying and looking at him from the other

Ms. Summer Eve... “Mat

Mat Adam..."

silence was broke as the two new guests who

guy accidentally tripped and pull out one of the small hose that was connected to the


evening sleeping beauty, that’s a long sleep


again, you made it Mat, you really

here too?”

so does your girl friend?” Rigs teased with a

said Rigs? What do you mean ‘Back there?’ S-so it was not

it all happened, too bad I had to be sent back home early, leaving all the action to you guys.” Navi’Sai said with a timid


raised his brows

just informed me that my cousin Willow finally

Master Navi’Sai said at the same

you just blush Master Navi?”

celebration everyone!” Mr. Eve

their chat about their (mis)adventure on

closed for a private

Willow and the Fang brothers, Sieg

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