Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 67: You're Home

"You won't be wanting sex from me again then, huh? I mean …. I'm not that kind of guy anymore… no mark, equals, no mating. Even when the haze comes." He shrugs playfully and I shake my head at him and make a 'hmmm' noise as though I'm really considering it. I like the teasing, it's cute, and I like Colton's playful cheeky face all the more, now that I have no more doubts about us.

To be honest the first time was maybe quick, and I'm suffering a little from it, but I definitely want to do that again and explore how much better it can be. I always heard the first time is nothing compared to when you master it, and have it a few times, which means I am in for a world of amazing sex, because Colton has skills. I don't want to miss out on that and besides, can't have this sex pot unmarked when the haze moves in. Femmes might kidnap him from me and hold him hostage until they get their fill. I need to mark my man.

"Such threats should be punished, Mr. Santo. I might just go to sleep." I smile as wickedly as I can at him and cast him a raised eyebrow smirk. Warm and cozy in the security that this is real, and he's mine.

"Go ahead, I'm kinda beat. I could use the sleep." He folds his arms behind his head casually, as though he really doesn't care at all, and closes his eyes. It riles me enough to slap him on the peck with impulsive anger. Sudden fury that he might not be joking, and it ignites an internal minor temper tantrum.

"Hey!!" It's real outrage, and that chuckle he expels is an instant dampening tool. Colton opens his eyes and grins at me, chasing away any doubt that he was not playing, and he strokes his thumbs over my thighs. Cooling my fire and bringing me back to heel with a taming touch.

"Stop messing and make me your bitch already. You know I love you, and this... it's holding up everything else. Mark me, woman, before I smother you against me and make you do it." There's a tone of seriousness in that, even if it's in good humor, and I know I'm only really delaying because I'm nervous about this final step. It's been a lot, and I'm finally going to do it. Not just mark him but unbind something I've been trying to master for weeks, and that's terrifying to me.

When I bite him, and taste his blood within me, then it finalizes everything and I'll not only get the last memories we have of being apart in a fresh imprinting, but a chance to be able to harness the powers I possess completely. I'll be Luna, just like that, form one bite, whether I'm ready or not. Whether I'm going to be a good Luna or not. It's a big step and I am not ready for any of it, but I need to take a leap of faith.

Fear isn't going to make this easier, it's only going to make me work myself up into complete anxiety and make him think I really have changed my mind. I lean down, inhale slowly to calm the inner trepidation, close my eyes, elongate my wolf teeth and blindly sink into his peck muscle, in an area I aimed for that's similar to where he marked me.

There's a moment of complete abhorrence, as I bite the man I adore, sinking horribly into soft, salty flesh, hating that I'm inflicting pain and wounding him. The taste of his blood almost makes me gag, as it fills my mouth, choking me with its consistency, and metallic saltiness, and my fangs sink into tissue that's both warm and smooth as hot liquid, thick and repugnant in aftertaste hits my tongue. It's awful, but yet, I'm almost completely distracted a moment later when I'm yanked away from what I'm doing by a mind being filled with thoughts, feelings, memories, images, and whizzing moments of time spinning around my head. Pulling me back. Just like the first time we ever imprinted, only with less ferocity, less shock at the assault, it's a do-over, only with more potency in other ways.