Colton laughs at me, but my insane need must be waving at him and overwhelming him too, as he only stops to put on his condom and gets on top of me right away, no hesitation. Abandoning this slow and steady, for instant gratification.

"So maybe next time foreplay will be lengthier. You're wet enough already that it shouldn't hurt much, so maybe we should just get this done, and then the second time we can go slower… enjoy it without the tension." He braces himself over the top of me, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against mine and I open my eyes to be faced with glowing amber eyes. The most gorgeous male I have ever known, nestling his body back onto mine. He doesn't say anything, just a kiss on the end of my nose as he catches me unawares with a little smooth slide of his pelvis and completely enters me. It doesn't give me time to tense up or expect it, just boom, he's inside of me and I'm thankful it's how he did it.

I gasp, as first the pleasure of him doing it, expands and stretches me out in ways I never knew could be so amazing within my own body, but then that sharp stab of pain as he completely buries himself within me, and almost knocks my breath away as I wince and shudder underneath him. A slicing, almost snap, of something that pangs through my abdomen, no more severe than a really bad one second period cramp, but enough to knock the wind out of my sails and the blood drains from my face. My moan turns to yelp, as my body stiffens and I go ridged in his arms instantly, afraid to move, or breathe. He pauses completely, before moving out of me slightly, and slowly, and rests down over me, coming to a complete stop. His eyes on mine intensely.

"You okay?" He leans in and kisses me tenderly on the mouth, seeking me out to make sure I am, as I wriggle my body and try to quickly recover from that burning sensation raveling up my belly and across my stomach. I only manage to move myself down, so that he slides back to where he was and the pain is replaced with a soothing warmth as he fills me again, and I moan under my breath at the reigniting pleasure.

"Don't stop." Breathing the words at him, clinging to his arms, closing my eyes tight and grip his biceps with fervor. He lowers his head once more and traces his tongue across my throat, distracting me for a second, igniting small sparks and goosebumps across my skin before he moves his hips and pushes into me once more. It's the most pleasurable pain I've ever known. Stingy, a little tender, yet it fades with every stroke he makes, pushing in and out until he finds a slow rhythm and I adjust to better move with him. It's uncomfortable with the first few, but as I seem to self-lubricate once more and his body grinds into mine, bringing us together properly, it changes to that waving sensual deliciousness that I felt when he used his hand.

My gasps turn to moans once more, the warmth soothing away the worst of the pain, although the slight burning inside dampens, and there is a tiny ache deep inside of me that is being massaged by Colton sliding in and out, in slow even thrusts. He kisses me, caresses my face with one hand, tracing my cheek, and eyebrow, and showers me with nibbles and small kisses across my jaw and mouth as he increases with speed and has me moaning, and groaning, and arching under him. Over and over, growing faster together, as the minutes tick by and he intensifies what it does to me as he gets a little more aggressive with his thrusts.