There's a mix of apprehension and nerves in the pit of my stomach as we get hot and heavier, despite wanting it more than air,, and Colton lowers his pelvis between my thighs and gently grinds against me, igniting a craving with the goodness of his attention. I moan and bite his bottom lip, gripping his shoulder as I lift my hips to him and push him to do it harder as sensation arouses me fully, and I swear, I 've never been so ready to finally lose my virginity as this. This dry humping thing he has going on is enough to push me over the edge and I'm almost insane with the craving to get him inside of me. If all of this is anything like the end result, then I have no desire to keep waiting. Only my niggles and worries in the back of my mind are stopping me from pulling my own clothes off and prompting him faster.

I've heard it can hurt; there were horror stories from other girls in the home, even those who paired up and marked. They said that it's not always a pleasant thing the first time, that it can be sore, and dry, and awkward , especially if your mate's a virgin too, and I try and push it out of my head, unable to see how something that feels this insanely good can end up being awful. Colton is not a virgin, even I know that, and judging by his kissing skills, he knows something about a femme's body and how to pleasure her.

I cling to him, wrapping my legs around his waist and slide one hand between us to rub over the erection I can feel bulging through the material of his sweatpants. In a bid to make him want to push us head with more haste, and smile when Colton groans under his breath at my contact. Both hitting fever pitch excitement levels, and he flips from over me, surprising me with the sudden departure that makes me go from insanely heated to instantly cold with the loss of his body heat.

"What are you doing?" I gasp in alarm, shock and outraged all at the same time. Blurting it at him and throwing him a shocked glare.

"I'm going to end up pounding you into the bed and getting you pregnant the first time if I don't go get something. Trust me, I'm coming right back. Don't you dare move a muscle. The infirmary has some, stay right here, exactly like this." Colton leans up, taking hold of my knees and pushes them slightly apart with a wink and a smile of cheekiness, before swooping down and kissing me on the lips quickly. It elicits a giggle from me, that he's both crude, and cute, at the same time and as soon as he darts out of the room I flop back on the bed, exhaling heavily, trying to calm my racing heart and pull in some much-needed air.

He has me all kinds of crazy riled up, pulse all over the place and lungs laboring with his attentions. I lay a hand on my pulsating belly to try and calm down some of this crazy fire growing up inside of me, before I self-combust and pass out, and wave my free hand over my face to cool some of the intense flushing burning over my cheeks and forehead. I thank the fates I had the foresight to shower earlier.

I have a yearning that is insatiable, and I can't lie still, energy levels boosted and suddenly so antsy. I sit up and end up shuffling off the bed to pull my nightdress off, but he's back in a flash as I get to my feet, obviously he hyper sped there, and back, equally desperate to do this, and startles me with the return.

"Hey! … That's not how I left you!" He comes up behind me and runs a hand up my abdomen, across my breast to give it another gentle squeeze from around behind me and kisses me in the space of my neck under my jaw on my right side. Igniting tingles, and butterflies within my belly all over again.

"I was going to take this off." I tug at my shirt to show him and yelp when Colton spins me, almost knocking me over but catches me in his arm instead. He holds up a pack of condoms, shakes them at me with a mischievous glint in his eye that gets me blushing, and looking away in a flash of embarrassment, and throws them on the bed before kissing me lightly on the lips again. His kiss is addictive, and I could have him do it to me every second of every day.