Rejected Mate and Following Fate

Chapter 61: A Memory Lost

I lie still, watching her, frozen, breath raspy to match my elevated heart rate, but my fears begin to calm and fade as she slides down her hood with a slow even movement, and illuminates the room with a magical blue glow of both her hands. Like a mesmerizing smoky orb around each, that follows and traces with every movement. Hypnotic in nature.

Sierra Santo is a very beautiful woman, with almost milky skin, despite looking exotic. Her dark hair frames a delicate bone structure, and her eyes, although electrifying blue right now, are almond shaped under straight thick dark brows, so perfectly symmetrical. She has pouty lips, and an ever-present youthful charm that completely warms her to you. A face that says, 'I can be trusted' to match the surrounding atmosphere of serene she always carries

I sit up, gasping in wonderment at the light show, and reaching out to touch what I can see as she moves in and sits on the side of my bed with grace. She allows my hand to wander into hers, seeking out and investigating, before firmly surrounding my small hand in her own fingers and encompassing me within the warmth. I expected the blue air to be cold, but it's almost like being submerged in a hot bubble bath, and I giggle at the tickle of it.

"Don't be afraid, Alora… it's magic. Special, gentle, and yet so very beautiful, and kind, when used the right way. Would you like to do some magic with me while I tell you a story?" Her eyes are still that dazzling brightest azure, and I look from her hands to her eyes in awe at the vibrance of this mystical light she's able to produce. My curiosity killing the last of my fears, and I nod with the enthusiasm of a child who wants to discover more. Naïve courage, because of my innocence

Of course, I shouldn't be afraid, this is the Luna Santo and I do know her. She comes to the library to read us stories and plays with us sometimes. well she did, before all the grownups left to fight a battle. Just like my own mommy and daddy have. and my big brother Jasper. and my grandparents. and most of the rest of the Whyte pack. I stay with Mommy's friend while they're gone, Aisha Munro, one of our pack. who is big and round because she says she's having puppies. Sierra has a son around my age, but I don't like boys. and I don't like playing with Santos. They're always so pushy and aggressive when we do. and I prefer my friends from the Whyte pack. We're softer, we play less rough and tough games than fighting and hunting. They're just stupid.